MoveSmarter platform

Our MoveSmarter software platform collects displacement data of registered users via their Smartphone. To this MoveSmarter leverages on an in principle arbitrary App, which is installed by the end user on his or her Smartphone and which is equipped with the MoveSmarter Sensing Library. This is a software component, integrated begorehand in the App, which enables the App to automatically detect and record significant open air displacements (called 'trips') over time without any needed user interaction (like start/stop actions). Battery consumption of the software component is optimised so that on average a 24 hours period without Smartphone recharging can be covered.

After trip ending, the measured data is transmitted to our servers in our data center through a secure data connection. There, the data is processed, enriched and added to the personal mobility profile of the user. To do this, the MoveSmarter platform consists of a number of interconnected and cooperating software modules in an open, scalable software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture. Registered users have access to their mobility profile data via the MoveSmarter Web portal. Moreover, the Web portal provides an interface for user management, module configuration, data visualization and data export for reporting purposes. Before any export, the data is anonymised such that the privacy of the individual end-user is always guaranteed. See also How we deal with Privacy and End-user rights.

MoveSmarter Personal Mobility Module

This software module provides processing, enrichment and analysis of measured data such that a personal mobility profile is built consisting of all trips of a registered user. On the basis of a configurable script specific trip data enrichment or analysis functions can be selected. The module takes care of automated

  • timestamping of each trip start and end;
  • location mapping of trip origin, route and destination;
  • deduction of modality of each trip;
  • splitting of multimodal trips;
  • determination of frequent visited personal places;
  • determination of frequent routes;
  • probable motive of each trip;
  • percentage used modalities('modal split');
  • weather conditions with each trip;
  • quality indicators of each trip registration.

MoveSmarter Incentive Management Module

With this software module challenges, rewards and remuneration conditions can be defined, managed and monitored for specific end-user groups. The module consists of a number of software components:

  • MoveSmarter Incentive design and management. With this component administrators or assigned third party administrators can define target groups and design, activate, modify and delete challenges and rewards for these groups. Types of incentives that can be offered are information / tips / pointers, points, badges, medals and vouchers. The set of conditions on which rewards can be based are: duration and timing of travel, passing or avoiding specific locations or routes, used transport modalities, longer-term personal mobility statistics, dynamic traffic intensity (delays) and the acquired set of points, badges and medals.
  • MoveSmarter Incentive monitoring. This component monitors progress on challenges and determines who deserves what reward and when and issuing the corresponding merit to the user.
  • Incentive bookkeeping. This component creates an overview of the merits of each user, enables the monitoring component to add new merits and enables third parties to write off unredeemed vouchers.

MoveSmarter Sensing Library

This software component is integrated in the softwarecode of a (third paty) Smartphone App. The Sensing Library takes care in a battery-efficient way of

  • user authentication and authorisation.
  • determination of significant displacements of the Smartphone via a combination of sensors of the Smartphone.
  • automated timestamping eand measurement of geo-locations during significant displacements.
  • local caching of data.
  • secured data-communication with the MoveSmarter back-end.

The Sensing Library is configurable. There is a Sensing Library implementation available for iOS and Android.

MoveSmarter enabled Apps

A portfolio of customers have integrated MoveSmarter in their services and Apps. For more information on these Apps check the different screenshots below, check our customer cases or contact us directly.

  • Reisbalans
  • SMART Enschede
  • Egotrip

MoveSmarter Beta

Mobidot innovates her services and platform continuously. We use a beta App called MoveSmarter Beta to test new functionalities and technology improvements. Do you want to become a test user, pleasecontact us.

Integration with MoveSmarter

As white-label mobility service provider we go at length to make the integration with your Apps and/of services or software systems as easy as possible. We support this integration process with standardised, documented APIs and a technical helpdesk.

Contatc us to discuss the opportunities, to explore what MoveSmarter can bring and how an integration effort could look like.

Developer API

Contact us for more information.

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