Sesamo: Traveller centred mobility research via the Smartphone

Mobidot offers with Sesamo a turn-key solution to multimodal, 24x7 mobility monitoring and analysis on a traveller level. We support data acquisition for market research, panel surveys and policy development and evaluation. What are trip origins and destinations and what modalities are favourite? What times do people travel, what routes do they take and what is the purpose of their travel? What bottlenecks do people experience in their daily travel? Sesamo provides the answers.

Rich data at a minimum respondent load

Set up and starting is easy. Together with a customer we configure Sesamo for a study or project. Respondents can download and use the specially designed panel study App for the duration of the study. After login the App records all travels of the respondent automatically, 24 hours a day. A unique analysis platform processes and enriches the measured data. For each trip Sesamo determines the departure and arrival times and locations, the mode of transport and trip duration, the route and used infrastructure. Including confidence indicators. Furthermore Sesamo deduces the probable journey motif. Multimodal travels are automatically cut into unimodal chains featuring transit times and locations.

Sesamo creates for each respondent a personalised, multimodal trip logbook at a minimum load for the respondent. Respondents can add and correct data where needed so that always a complete and accurate registration is created.

Quantitative and qualitative!

In addition to the quantitative, measured data Sesamo can perform situational and conditional questioning to respondents. For example, to learn the travel experience of a specific trip of a respondent. The platform gives administrators via a web-based management cockpit all the possibilities to define and manage specific questions and answers to certain user groups under certain travel conditions. At the end of a study either the quantitative and qualitative dataset is made available to the customer or tailored reporting is provided.

Mobidot reliefs

  • We work as a service provider for and with you. On the basis of your needs and goals, we configure your domain on our data processing platform and in the Sesamo measurement App. It allows you to quick start.
  • You specify the respondent group and measurement periods. Because you pay for each tier of users per month, the costs are always clear in advance. We provide availability of the platform and the App with a support desk for questions and in case of technical problems.
  • You remain in charge to your respondent group and communication with that group. We take care of proper privacy-sensitive data management including user consent procedures. We process and store data always in compliance to the EU and Dutch privacy laws and guidelines.
  • We work with innovative, yet field-proven technology. Mobidot has broad experience with panel based mobility research, allowing us to think with you on feasibility and best way to set up and carry out your research or project.
  • We work proactively. We support you in choosing the best measurement strategy and configuration of our analysis platform. In this way we achieve the best possible balance between end user acceptance, for example around the battery life of the smartphone, and the required precision and focus of the measurements. Of course we continuously monitor our operations to ensure the progress of your research or project.
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