Our MoveSmarter platform

Our solutions are designed to relieve customers in their mobility management aims. Therefore Mobidot provides her MoveSmarter platform in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. The data-driven platform provides advanced functionality to get an understanding of the (multimodal, door-to-door and 24x7) movement behaviour of people and provides capabilities to influence travel behaviour in a personalised way.

MoveSmarter works via an App on the Smartphone of a user, It uses the App to interact with the user, but also to allow for automated registration of travel behaviour (tracking). The reusable, modular platform makes it possible to newly develop or to integrate with Apps quickly and at relatively low costs.

Flexibility and scaleability through modularity

The MoveSmarter platform can flexibly be integrated into a comprehensive service through a number of functional modules with corresponding databases in a service-oriented architecture. MoveSmarter consists of software that is installed as an App or App component on the Smartphone of a user and a central scalable data processing infrastructure (back-end). The back-end modules are interconnected and can be further linked to external systems and data sources via standard Internet protocols.

The modules are:

The modules are supported by an Identity Management module and a web-based MoveSmarter Management cockpit. The MoveSmarter Identity Management software provides domain and user registration and identification, authentication for data exchange and role-based authorization to MoveSmarter functionality. This creates a secure, manageable environment. The web-based management cockpit provides a user interface for administrators for user management, configuration of the functional modules, monitoring and tuning, data anonymization and data visualisation and reporting.

MoveSmarter Library

These software components are integrated in the software code of an App. The components contain standardised functionality to allow fully automated tracking of travel behaviour, to enable communication with the MoveSmarter back-end or to support multilingualism.

The MoveSmarter Library is configurable allowing run-time adaptation of the functionality and the sensing behaviour of the App. There is a documented library implementation available for iOS and Android. This allows for fast development of new custom apps as well as straightforward integration with existing third-party Apps.

MoveSmarter Tracking Module

This back-end software module provides processing, enrichment and analysis of the measured data of a user, including map matching and modality deduction, resulting in an individual mobility profile. Components of this mobility profile are:

  • Listings of all individual journeys with trip details (date, start and end times, start and end locations, route, duration, distance, average speed, modality and weather conditions).
  • Relations to other trips where it concerns multimodal journeys.
  • Calculations of the impact of individual trips in terms of CO2 footprint, travel costs, burned calories and personal modal split.

MoveSmarter Information Management Module

With the MoveSmarter back-end Information Management module administrators can approach target groups with news, information and behavioural feedback, tailored to the mobility behaviour of travellers in that target group. Channels include push messaging and e-mail. The module handles various message types.

MoveSmarter Incentive Management Module

This back-end software module defines, manages and monitors challenges, rewards and remuneration conditions for specific end-user groups. The module consists of a number of software components:

  • Incentive design and management: This component allows (third party) administrators to define, assign, activate, modify and delete challenges and rewards for specific target groups. Types of incentives that can be offered are information / tips / advice, points, badges, medals and vouchers. The set of conditions on which rewards can be based are duration and time of travel, specific locations or routes, used vehicle(s), personal mobility statistics, actual traffic information (like delays) and the acquired set of points, medals and badges.
  • Incentive monitoring: This component monitors status and progress against challenges.
  • Incentive book keeping: This component manages the rewards of each user, and allows for redemption of rewards. Typically we integrate here with a specific third party web shop.

MoveSmarter Sampling Module

This back-end module allows administrators to define and track specific inquiries on travel experience to be fired at certain time, place and target group conditions with the least possible burden on the traveller (minimum number of ticks and clicks). The module consists of the following functional blocks:

  • Experience Sampling design and management: This component allows (third party) administrators to define, assign, activate, modify and delete question definitions, question lists, conditions, scripts and answering options. Answering options include multiple choice, multiple select, various scales and free format.
  • Experience Sampling monitoring: This component fires the different questions to the right user and manages answer collection or non-response of this user.
  • Experience Sampling book keeping: This component provides statistics of all defined, activated and answered questions per user group.

MoveSmarter Beta

Mobidot innovates her services and platform continuously. If you are interested in our innovations and willing to become test user of new features or applications please contact us.

MoveSmarter integration

As white-label service provider we aim for seamless and easy integration of your Apps and/or software systems with our platform. We support this process with standardised, documented API's and of course our knowledge and skills.

Contact us to explore or to discuss what MoveSmarter can do for you and how an integration project could look like.

API for developers

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