More knowledge leads to better insights

Managing mobility is an important societal and economic topic. With a better understanding of how people move more effective traffic and transport policies can be designed and evaluated. Therefore knowledge on the travel behaviour of people is necessary and of interest. Preferably into the multimodal door-to-door movements of travellers. And that for longer periods of time.

It is important for municipalities and regions to have insights into the travel patterns of residents to know how mobility patterns develop and where, when and why unwanted bottlenecks or local issues arise. In this respect policy attention is increasingly shifting from a car and congestion focus towards multimodal optimisation with a broader view on sustainability, (social) safety and wellbeing. For example, in the Netherlands there is currently much interest in encouraging cycling and urban public transport as mature alternatives to the car and more general marketing and management of sustainable mobility for the benefit of all. For consultants and research institutes knowledge and understanding of travel behaviour are essential elements to deliver advice and recommendations and to develop improved traffic and transport models.

The travel behaviour of individuals or groups in terms of time of departure, the mode of transport used, the destination and the purpose of travel) varies and develops at different levels of scale. This asks for a personal level approach, where the dynamics in travel behaviour can be determined. Often classical assessment methods such as surveys, diaries and counting methods are used within a representative group of respondents. However, mobility panels and multi-day trip diaries are dealing with under observation and high respondent burden, since individuals must manually keep detailed records of their travels. We solve that problem.

Automated registration of travel behaviour

We support governmental authorities, transport companies, consultants and research institutes in the field of mobility, transport and traffic management. We collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative data of the travel behaviour of people in a flexible, cost-effective way utilising the Smartphone of the traveller. Quantitative data via fully automated GPS tracking. Qualitative data via experience sampling: asking dedicated questions based on the context and behaviour of the traveller. We support data-collection and analysis over arbitrary periods and cover in our analysis multiple modalities. Automating the process of travel data collection saves time and energy of your target group, while improving the correctness and richness of the data.

We offer you our services in two ways. Via a turn-key model or via an integration model with your own application portfolio, infrastructure and/or data collection method. In both options we work for and with you as a white-label leaving you in charge and control of your respondents.

Explore here our technology and data analysis and profiling infrastructure.

Our service is very suitable for performing or supporting panel-based mobility research and monitoring of mobility behaviour for policy and service development and evaluation. In addition to or in place of existing surveys, questionnaires and counting methods. We always work with opt-in permission from the user with our advanced ICT platform providing safe and reliable processing and storage of the data.

Our advantages

  • Software-as-a-service: We provide you a service. Flexible in operation and based on pay-for-use. We take care of availability and all the needed technical support.
  • Flexible App model: We provide the end-user with a 'measurement' App that can take different forms and shapes depending on your needs and wishes. We also offer a turn-key solution named Sesamo. With this App, designed and optimised for travel data logging, you can start right away. Moreover, this App is configurable allowing you to introduce your own look and feel to your customer-base and respondents quite easily.
  • Smart sensing: We make use of smart movement detection getting the most out of the different sensors of modern Smartphones while conserving battery power as much as possible. We support different sensing strategies to create the best possible balance between end-user acceptance, situation and context, required accuracy of the measurements and battery consumption.
  • Automated Learning: Our platform uses advanced learning algorithms to detect patterns in travel behaviour and to automatically predict travel goals and travel behaviour. We use this knowledge to further enhance the quality of the data set.
  • Safe and reliable: We have taken all the necessary technological and organisational precautions to ensure proper data management and end-user privacy. Learn more on our privacy policy here. We always work with opt-in, secured data communication and our data processing and storage takes place in a well secured Dutch data center under European GDPR legislation.
  • Complete and correct: Our platform allows for user correction and improvements in case of missing or misinterpreted data. In this way we can achieve a high quality, accurate registration.
  • All the data at your fingertips: Our platform delivers tailor-made reports and statistics, longitudinal comparison capabilities and powerful data export and audit capabilities.

Based on our experience with Smartphone based panel surveys we are able to provide valuable advice in designing and conducting research in a realistic way. We go at length to make the integration with your plans, methods and/or software systems as easy as possible. Contact us to discuss the opportunities, to explore what we can bring and how next steps could look like.

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