Capitalise on behaviour

Most of the time travel behaviour stems from certain fixed habits or personal preferences. Knowledge of travel behaviour and motivation creates the opportunity for stakeholders to stimulate and influence travel behaviour effectively and to entice individuals or groups to other choices in a positive, rewarding way.

Nudging based on personalised incentives can motivate people to take other travel decisions and change behaviour. Result: a win-win situation bridging individual and stakeholder goals.


  • Hospitality: Taking location-based services to the next level
  • Accessibility: Influence travellers to avoid rush hour and congestion situations
  • Sustainability: Stimulate 'green' travel behaviour
  • Smart working: Support commuters to make the best travel choice
  • Safety: Support safe travel situations in urban areas
  • Wellbeing: Stimulate people towards an active life style
  • City promotion: Create lively city centres and accessible events and shopping areas

Stakeholders often lack concrete tools and approaches to start, nurture and sustain behavioural change of target groups. Powerful tools for organisations, that recognise individual travel behaviour, preferences and needs and effectively can challenge and support travellers in their decision making towards other mobility choices. Flexible enough to respond with tailored incentives.

Incentive management with MoveSmarter

Mobidot supports organisations to let their target groups make better travel choices and decisions in a cost effective manner. Mobidot provides an ICT platform named MoveSmarter, that can deliver and manage right time, right place incentives to users via a MoveSmarter enabled App on their Smartphone. With MoveSmarter stakeholders can translate their mobility policies, ambitions and goals into a concrete instrument that effectively stimulates behavioural change at the personal level.

MoveSmarter is a flexible software environment, that supports various enticement and rewarding strategies and mechanisms leveraging on measured individual travel behaviour via the Smartphone. MoveSmarter is able to automatically measure door-to-door travel behaviour in a 24x7 fashion leading to detailed knowledge of personal travel patterns and preferences. MoveSmarter can autonomously deduce used travel modalities making the application possibilities for incentive management multimodal and cross-modal.

Incentive categories covered by MoveSmarter are:

  • Intrinsic motivation. MoveSmarter creates an interactive mirror on individual travel behaviour and impact of that behaviour (you travelled x miles by car this week);
  • Decision-influencing information and advice (roadblock on your normal route, take alternative x);
  • Gamification (challenges) and social comparison (you did better than your friend);
  • Financial and voucher rewarding (earn discounts when you avoid rush hour);
  • Loyalty (benefit by repetition).

Our MoveSmarter toolbox is usually part of a wider mobile service or behavioural change process, program or campaign of the customer. We often work closely with consultants, mobility management experts, communication and marketing agencies and other technological parties.

We provide MoveSmarter as a white label service and develop either tailor-made Apps on top of MoveSmarter or integrate our platform in existing Apps, services and / or infrastructure of the customer. We offer customised support as technical integrator or as a supplier.

Our advantages

  • Software-as-a-service: We provide you a service. Flexible in operation and based on pay-for-use. We take care of availability and all the needed technical support.
  • Flexible App model: We support your business case and audience depending on your needs and wishes or concept. That can be a new, dedicated App or we can expand the capabilities of your existing App services. Because we work with configurable, reusable components you do not have to start from scratch, you can leverage from our experience and you can quickly get started with our existing and proven infrastructure.
  • Smart sensing: We make use of smart movement detection getting the most out of the different sensors of modern Smartphones while conserving battery power as much as possible. We support different sensing strategies depending on what is needed to support behavioural change and to allow for an effective incentive strategy.
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation: we support different types of incentive management strategies and mechanisms;
  • Flexible incentive management: We offer powerful opportunities for professional, authorised administrators of customer organisations to target audiences with personalised right time, right place incentives and rewards. We offer a flexible management environment to manage groups, define and manage incentives and incentive conditions and to monitor effectiveness of interventions.
  • Integral monitoring and evaluation: The effects of interventions can be monitored directly, because we continuously measure (changes in) travel behaviour of App users. We support various reporting schemes to allow evaluation of effects against KPI's.
  • Safe and reliable: We have taken all the necessary technological and organisational precautions to ensure proper data management and end-user privacy. Learn more on our privacy policy here. We always work with opt-in, secured data communication and our data processing and storage takes place in a well secured Dutch data center under European legislation.
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