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  • Mobility & Monitoring

      We offer a toolbox for automated, multi-modal, 24x7 movement recording and analysis on a traveller level. We support Smartphone-based data acquisition and behavioural analysis for market and panel surveys, research and policy development and evaluation.

      Read more on the application possibilities and our advantages:

    • fully automated trip registration
    • insight in travel flows and patterns
    • traveller profiling and target group identification
    • modality use (car, bicycle, walking, public transport) and transits
    • origin-destination calculations and hotspot analysis
    • confirmation/denial of alternative measurements
    • in situ sampling of travel experience
    • evaluation and impact analysis

    • Read more on our tools and approach for automated traveller-centric data acquisition and profiling.

  • Mobility & Personalisation

      We offer a dedicated, scalable mobility profiling platform:

    • to personalise mobile services, applications and travel-related Apps
    • to influence, reward and activate target groups in their travel behaviour

    • We support the provisioning of relevant information, unique functionality and optimal experience to consumers based on knowledge of individual travel behaviour, situation and context.

      Read more on the application possibilities and our advantages:

    • location-based services and marketing
    • loyalty programs and consumer involvement
    • mobility management and new ways of working
    • traffic management
    • touristic information and arrangements
    • Read more on our tools and approach and the integration possibilities with your Apps, services, projects, campaigns and/or infrastructure.

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