Who we are

Mobidot is an innovative ICT service provider, which delivers state-of-the-art smart mobility tooling to its business customers. We are specialist in automated measurement and analysis of personal travel behaviour via the Smartphone. As a white label Mobidot supports intelligent mobility solutions and personalised mobile services to end-users. Mobidot is a Dutch spin-off company of former technological institute Novay and European Commission funded R&D projects related to Smart Cities. Mobidot is established in 2013.

We support governments, transport companies, service providers and employers, who are active in mobility management to gain detailed insight into the travel behaviour of people in a flexible, cost-effective way and to influence travel behaviour in a personal way. Through our services, jointly new services or through integration with existing services, Apps and infrastructure of our customers.

We anticipate on the market trends towards personalization, audience thinking, flexibility, cost effectiveness and big data. Furthermore, we connect mobility management with societal issues such as safety, sustainability and well-being.

We thrive on our state-of -the-art knowledge and expertise and unique software tools to measure and analyse travel behaviour. We strongly believe in the power of new ways of thinking and solutions for leadership and success to our clients. Primarily we do this by offering customers reliability. But we are also experts in innovation. Searching for what is possible, we help our clients to go further and walk new paths. Together. Therefore, collaboration and partnerships are key to us.

Personalised services based on knowledge of behaviour

Smartphones make it possible to measure door-to-door travel behaviour at the individual level. And that in a very cost effective way. Knowledge of this behaviour and patterns in this behaviour then opens the door to develop and to provide new information services, to personalise mobile services, applications or Apps, and to encourage and entice the individual to smart mobility choices.

We support customers by providing relevant information, unique functionality and optimal experience to their customers and users based on knowledge of individual travel behaviour, situation and context. That makes these applications and services relevant and valuable.

Our vision on smart mobility

With our services new opportunities emerge to tackle the social and economic problem of mobility in a more human-centred way. We call this personal mobility. Capturing personal travel behaviour and preferences create new opportunities for governmental authorities, transport companies, employers or event organisers to leverage on 'floating people data' and solve transport and traffic bottlenecks in an alternative way. To look for smart ways to let people find the best (sustainable) travel alternative or for example to challenge them to avoid rush hour. In general, to better inform the traveller in a personalised way and to raise awareness of the consequences and effects of individual travel choices.

We believe that a focus on personal mobility provides benefits at the individual and the collective level. As a result our services contribute to sustainable mobility and smart urban transport. We deliver a personal mobility measurement core service and software engine on which public or private stakeholders like local or regional public authorities, employers, transport companies, local retailers, service providers and event organisers can couple, integrate or build their own (cross-sectoral) services, Apps and campaigns on a scale of their choice to incentivise travellers in their roles throughout the day. This creates a fast growing market as our type of ICT services are flexible and cost-effective opposed to more traditional traffic- and mobility management solutions and allow for new business models– for example in information exchange and incentive distribution between third parties, city authorities, transport suppliers, employers and end-users.

How we deal with Privacy and End-user rights

As our services work with personal information we have taken all necessary measures to protect the privacy of end-users and to live to proper data management. We comply in our operations with all relevant Dutch and European GDPR legislation and guidelines on privacy management. We never collect or process personal information without explicit user consent. Because we typically work with partners, we also demand their compliance to our way of working with personal information. You can read more on our privacy and data management policy here.

On top of technology

Our solutions and technology find themselves in a fast moving and developing market. As spin-off from the European FP7 research program umbrella ICT for sustainable growth innovation is a prime nature. We collaborate with and are closely connected to a number of leading universities and research institutes in Europe. Not only in the area of ICT, but also in the areas of social psychology, user-centred design, gamification and game-design and traffic management and transport policy development. We participate and invest in a number of national and international multidisciplinary research programs and projects like Horizon2020 and EIT ICT Labs. In this way we can stay on top of technology.

For example, visit the Horizon2020 research project EMPOWER. EMPOWER is about rewarding change. We are researching how positive incentives can encourage citizens to reconsider their travel choices and reduce the extent to which they travel using conventionally fuelled vehicles. Main result of EMPOWER is a toolset for cities. Our software and services are part of that toolkit.

Our customers and partners

Collaboration and partnerships are key to us. You can find an overview of our customer base and partners here

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